What Is Coffee Quality Score?


Author: Artie
Published: 7 Nov 2021

The Cupping of Coffee

The Specialty Coffee Association developed the coffee tasting and scoring methodology, and the grades are given to the Q- graders. To master the cupping protocol, Q- graders must go through a lengthy training regimen. Coffees that are highly praised are usually not acidic, but the score depends on the coffee variant.

Coffee from the country is expected to be more acidic. The lower acidity side of the scale makes Sumatran coffee fall under it. A cup of Sumatran coffee might receive a lower cupping score if it results in higher acidity.

Balance is everything in life. Coffee that creates a joyful equilibrium between acidity, aroma, flavor, and aftertaste will score higher in the coffee cupping process. The q-grader will take the score down if any of the traits seem overpowering or weak.

The panelists can detract points during coffee cupping. A taint or fault can be found in the cupping. The score will be set back by 2 points by every cup that is tainting.

The SCAA Skill Building Workshops

There are no requirements to enroll. The Q Grader Exam is not a course for beginners, it is an advanced level course. Signing up for SCAA Skill Building Workshops is a great way to practice your skills.

A new method to classify graded coffee beans

Three-hundred grams of properly hulled coffee beans should be sorted using screens. The percentage is recorded when the coffee beans are weighed. 100 grams of coffee is used since it takes so long to classify 300 grams of coffee.

The flavor of the SU(2) Grand Unification Group

It was sweetly herbaceous. Almond butter in a cup. Very full, shiny mouthfeel with a sweet, inviting acidity.

The Cocoa tones in the finish are supported by hints of marjoram and a hint of lilac. Evaluated as espresso. A rich chocolate, complex, multi-layer.

Chocolate fudge, dried passionfruit, almond nougat, cedar, and graphite are in a small cup. The mouthfeel was smooth and sweet. The chocolate notes are amplified and fruit tones are softened in three milk parts.

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